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The Reasons & Advantage of Shredding Services.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

In comparison with the past, keeping private information safe has turned out to be crucial for all sorts of businesses. Protecting confidential data is most important to maintain a strong and loyal customer base, this will not only help them build trust in your company but also reduces the chances of a data breach.

We have observed that a few of the newly established companies dispose of their confidential documents in the age-old format of traditional blue recycling bins or they simply look for the local shredding services near me. Without much doubt, these services are an environmentally friendly option, but what about data security? Your confidential information is now available to the public and you are putting your business at risk and thereby creating an opportunity for crime. Based on a survey, 5.3 million fraud complaints and annual identity thefts were reported and the sin is that the numbers are hiking.

To have a better understanding of the potential risks associated with data leaks and the lifecycle of disposing of the documents, you need to know about the document shredding and recycling process. For your convenience, Synergy is ready on its toe.

Vulnerabilities associated with traditional document disposal

When you speak of disposing of your documents in the regular recycle bin then it can easily be carried out and will eventually develop the potential reach of exposing valuable information regarding your business. Below we have mentioned the top 5 vulnerabilities associated with data exposure.

Recycling Bins –

In most cases, what most employees do is that they drop the confidentiality documents in the nearest blue recycling bin after their work has been done. This potentially invites possible threats and exposes the confidentiality of the office. Now, everyone in the office and even visitors or guests would have the access to that sensitive information.

Trash Bags –

Once the work has been done, all the documents are then collected in large plastic bags. This not only lends access to other employees but a visitor can also have access to confidential information. This is a potential risk that leaves the items exposed and the tragedy is that the companies don’t try to understand the fact. Without one’s permission, if someone wants to get confidential information then his/her intentions are evil.

Outdoor Recycling Bins –

When the janitors clean the office space, they grab the bags and put them outside of the building. This potentially gives people access to outdoor bins that are not monetarily closed that’s how criminals crave their way to access the disposed of documents.

Trucks –

From the recycling bin, the professionals then load the documents in a truck to transport them to a new location where the sorting facility takes the charge. This opens up the road for downstream handlers, such as truck drivers, and recycling workers to access confidential information.

Sorting Facility –

After the documents reach the sorting facility, the employees will then arrange them for recycling, and thereby they can easily have access to the sensitive information. Volunteers may steal, read, and share the documents where sensitive information was printed.

Eventually, with time your documents will get recycled, but the problem lies with the proofs, at the end of the day the business has no valid documentation of where and when the documents were destroyed. They don’t even have the access to the blue bin where they dumped all their documents. This is where the possibility of data theft arises and thereby putting the business at threat. To help businesses get into the loophole, we at Synergy take a step forward and help the business entity safely dispose of their confidential information while maintaining a proper track record. We are professionals for this business and you can rely on our top-notch shredding services in Los Angeles.

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