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Document Shredding Services

document shredding services

Document Shredding Services

These days, each small and large establishment is generating high-end confidential records, be it project-related documents, old financial documents, employee records, medical papers, customer or even personal related. No doubt that these records are foremost important for the growth and development of your company, but there comes a stipulated time frame and thereafter you have to dispose of them. But the major question is how will you dispose of it?

If you are looking for a document shredding company in your locality, then you can come across a number of service providers. The major problem with hiring a local company is not considered safe from the business point of view. These companies call themselves newcomers and they are right about it. They don’t have the required knowledge and expertise to handle the company reports. Any misfortune with these documents will directly impact your business. That’s the reason why you need to take an extra-disciplinary step and hire experts who are already into this work.


For most companies, be it a small group of large-cap industry, document generation is the new normal, but the question is after the end of these documents’ life cycle, where are you going to dispose of them? Can you just dump them somewhere, or what to do?

At Synergy Shred, we do the work for you. We deal with a door-to-door document shredding services that assures 100% confidentiality. If you are returning your unwanted documents, then they not only consume your valuable space but also the cost of keeping these documents raises over time. Every time you move these documents, chances are even that your documents will either tamper or get misplaced, as they go hand to hand, and most importantly this increases the chances of getting your documents into the wrong hands. In case, your document reflects the personal information of your customers then the sensitive information needs protection. Hiring us will

  • Reduce the risk of expensive document loss/leaks –

With our professional document shredding service, we will securely shred and destroy your documents.

  • Save precious real estate in your office –

Timely shredding of documents and paper shredding services will free off the office space that can further be used to increase productivity.

  • Send a positive message to the client –

Your clients will rest assured that you have hired professional document shredders to destroy your past documents. This will enhance your reputation in the market and your clients will appreciate your big step towards preserving your customer’s privacy.

Over the years we had interacted with several business owners/clients and we have earned their trust. As a thumb rule, when it comes to document shredding services, it is essential to figure out which documents need to be disposed of. Mainly, you need to dispose of the personally identifiable information, medical records, and sensitive financials. Every business has its unique client list, so it is always better to connect with a professional shredding services partner who can guide you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions –

  • What do you shred?

We will shred everything that the shredder machine will accept, be it your professional documents, mobile shredding, paper shredding,  hard drives, or anything else.

  • Does your paper waste get recycled?

Yes, recycling is a measured step towards preserving our mother nature and we are happy for our contribution.

  • Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of destruction from us. This will ensure that you have hired professional document shredders and no negligence had been entertained.

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