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Over the years, we’ve learned that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which explains our rigorous hiring process. We believe that our team is the best in the business, and have confidence in every person providing our shredding services. Synergy Shred finishes each project on schedule and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction.

 we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations. The primary focus of mobile document shredding is to provide a more secure and cost-effective means for the disposal of confidential or sensitive materials. The concept has been successfully implemented in many North American and European cities. Once introduced, mobile document shredding often becomes the customer’s preferred method of confidential record disposal. On January 26, 2005, the Better Business Bureau released its Identity Theft Survey as an update to the Federal Trade Commission's 2003 Identity Theft Survey Report. The full report is available online at The survey findings include online▪ Within the last twelve months. 9.3 million Americans were victims of Identity Theft.▪ The total US annual Identity Fraud cost remains essentially unchanged since the 2003 results, at$52.6 billion, an increase of 2.3% from the 2003 inflation-adjusted level of $51.4 billion.▪ Most thieves still obtain personal information through traditional, rather than electronic, channels. In the cases where the method was known, 68.2% of information was obtained offline versus only .11.6% obtained online. Most ID Theft crimes are the result of information stolen from a single improperly handled document containing personal information. Although the Internet has gotten a bad rap for security deficiencies, a study commissioned by the Federal Trade Commission echoes that personal data is usually stolen in offline ways – such as dumpster diving – with only about 12% of the cases being a result of the Internet. This negligent mishandling of 'waste' documents has forced the enactment of laws designed to protect the privacy of businesses and individuals, such as:• FACTA (Fair and Accurate Transactions Act)*• Privacy Act of 1974• Economic Espionage Act of 1996• HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) *• Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act *• Wisconsin Shredding Law (February 2000) *• California Assembly Bill 2246 (October 2001)• Georgia Identity Theft Law (July 2002) *Confidential document destruction is a legislative-driven business designed to protect consumer information. With increased litigation and concern over Identity Theft, many companies are being forced by law to develop strict record management practices. To manage its records properly, a company must ensure the secure disposal of its confidential and sensitive documents. The great promise of the Information Age also raises new challenges and opportunities for ensuring effective privacy protections. Consumer and corporate information are accessible for accidental or intentional viewing if not handled properly. Information such as payroll, personnel, accounting, insurance, etc., must be secured internally as well. By placing confidential documents into a secured container, the information is protected from internal unauthorized viewing until it is destroyed.* See Attachment A.
On-site shredding offers clients the peace of mind of knowing sensitive information has been destroyed in their presence. In addition to the security and cost benefits this service offers, it helps companies meet their goals about environmental sustainability. As more companies launch green initiatives, properly responsibly handling documents is becoming more critical. Although claiming to be secure processes, off-site shredding and recycling paper services provide ample opportunity for unauthorized retrieval of sensitive information. Recyclers are more concerned with the grading of the paper than the security of the information it contains. Employees hired to sort material for recycling purposes only are usually low-skilled and are rarely bonded. On-site shredding assures that sensitive documents are destroyed before the recycling process begins. The shredded material is compacted and mixed with other data, making it virtually unidentifiable. The combination of security containers and on-site shredding provides an unbroken chain of custody until the material is destroyed. A summary of the service is as follows:• Locked security containers are placed in the client’s facility. • Following a pre-determined schedule, the mobile document shredding vehicle arrives to service the containers.• A bonded, uniformed operator transports the containers to the vehicle.• The container is placed into the bin lift device, where it is quickly and securely lifted, and tipped into the shredding services system.• The material is destroyed in a matter of minutes. The operator provides the client with a Certificate of Destruction before leaving the facility. Clients may also store their material in their boxes until they decide it must be destroyed. In that case, the operator simply empties the contents of the boxes into a container and proceeds as described above. The proven technology of low-speed, high-torque shear shredding provides for high-volume destruction of confidential material without requiring the separation of binders, staples, paper clips, etc. Although paper is the most frequently shredded material, paper shredding services have also been called upon to destroy off-spec consumer products (to avoid the possibility of resurfacing on the black market), confiscated contraband, videos, reel-to-reel tapes, and compact discs. On-site shredding services process in fifteen minutes what a typical office shredder would process in eight hours; therefore it is usually more cost-effective to contract a shredding service than to perform the task internally. Not only do the clients usually recognize a cost savings of over 25% over in-house shredding operations, but also their employees can perform other more productive tasks.

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