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How to Select the Best Shred Bin to Match How Much You Shred 2022

A paper shredder is a machine that shreds paper into thin strips or small particles. Shredders are used by government agencies, enterprises, and private persons to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive papers.

The documentation shredding processes may be made more optimized and productive by selecting the appropriate shred bin size. Follow this instruction to ensure that your shredding operation is set up to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Shred bins

Shred containers are for a small amount of sensitive paper trash and fit beneath the table discreetly. Personal document containers, or PDCs, are another name for them. Shred bins have a modest footprint since their bodies are tall and thin.

You may conveniently dispose of sensitive and confidential paper trash without having to shred it. As a result, you won't be distracted by a paper shredder while working.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Variable Shred Bin Sizes

The amount of shred bins you choose is determined by some criteria, including the amount of paper you create, how your workplace is structured and planned out physically, how many bins you want, and where you want them located around your office.

Shred bins come in a variety of designs for more elegant businesses, so keep that in mind as well.

For workstations and worktops, small shred bins are ideal.

Shred Bins in Smaller Sizes

Small shred bins, also known as mini shred bins or personal shred consoles, are meant to store small amounts of paper and fit neatly on or beneath desks or counters.


Employees can maintain dumpsters at their workstations, and small departments can each have their shred bins, making appropriate disposal more straightforward and increasing the likelihood that the shred bins will be used.


Whenever it's time to clean the dumpsters, there's additional work to be done—hauling, unlocking, and emptying shred bins is a difficult job, so the more bins you have, the more labor, and demanding it will be and the longer it will take.

Medium Shred Bins may contain up to 100 pounds of paper.

Shred Bins of a Medium Size

Medium shred containers hold approximately 100 pounds of paper and are meant to rest on the floor like a garbage can, but they're secure and have one small slit for putting paper into the bin.


Moderate shred bins are a suitable choice if you create a lot of papers that need to be shredded. You may conduct periodic pick-ups to guarantee that your papers are crushed on deadline, and you can condense shred bins into a few medium-sized bins that can be placed throughout the workplace.


If you don't have a lot of little containers throughout the office, you risk employees throwing files in the trash instead of shredding them.

Shred your papers safely using large shred bins.

Shred Bins with a Bigger Capacity

Shred totes or carts are larger shred bins that are normally on wheels to make carrying the hefty contents to the shred truck as simple as possible.


Large shred bins are needed for enormous companies that handle large amounts of sensitive material (such as hospitals). You'll always have adequate room for your important data with capacities up to 600 lbs.


Large shred bins may be unsightly and unappealing. The placement of larger dumpsters necessitates their being positioned out of the way, where access may be hard for staff.

How can I figure out how much paper I have that has to be shredded?

You can determine which type of shred bin is best for your company by calculating the amount of paper you need to shred.

A ream of paper weighs around 5 pounds. A regular banker's box carries about 30 lbs. of paper, so multiply that by 30 to determine the quantity of paper you have in pounds if you have numerous boxes of files.

To convert your file volume to pounds, use this shredding calculator.

To get a better idea of the size container you'll need for your office, do the arithmetic below to convert pounds of paper to gallon-sized shred bins.

Calculate how much paper you have in pounds

1 standard ream of paper = 5lbs

1 standard banker ream box=30 lbs.

1 vertical filing cabinet = 30 lbs.

Which Shred Bin is the Most Appropriate for Me?

Use the table below to choose the proper shred bin for your requirements now that you know how many pounds of paper you have and have studied the benefits and drawbacks of each overall bin size.

Keep in mind that you may have many shred bins strategically located throughout your workplace, so even if you create hundreds of pounds of paper each month, you can choose to have several smaller bins strategically distributed throughout the office for maximum security and convenience of use.

Locate a Shredding Service That Will Pick Up Your Bins Regularly

Shred bins and shredding services that are scheduled regularly make the shredding procedure easier and guarantee that your firm is secure and compliant.

Southern California shredding has established relationships with reputable document shredders all around Los Angels We can supply you with free shredding service quotations from many companies in your region, allowing you to select the best solution for your needs.

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