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Synergy Shred is known for providing professional, secure & affordable shredding services. We at synergy shred understand the importance of time and effort that you put in to go to the shredding company offices to get your confidential documents shred, but not anymore. Synergy Shred offers shredding services at your doot step, call us to get our fully equiped shredidng mobile truck at your door step  at affordable price


"Connected with their team on call for my shredding enquiry and the very next day their mobile truck was their and they carried black bags to dispose of the shredded document"

Robert Rose

mobile shredding

Mobile Shredding Service

Connect with our experienced team, to get free quotes against your requirement and to get our all equipment specialized shredding truck at your door step.

Our Service Profile

Synergy Shred offer a wide variety of shredding, connect with our team for any services that suits your business

Mobile Shredding Services

Document Shredding Services

Paper Shredding Services

About Us

Synergy Shred is a brand known for its expertise in shredding confidential documents for years at your doorstep and also providing 100% customer satisfaction by giving them personalized services, competitive pricing, and trust in secure & timely services.

Synergy Shred offers clients the peace of mind of knowing sensitive information has been destroyed in their presence

Why Choose Us?

  1. Lowest Price Guarantee

  2. Price Match Promise

  3. Shredding At Your Doorstep

  4. Residential & Commercial Shredding

  5. Prices According To Your Requirement

  6. Safe Disposal off Shredded Paper

  7. 100% Satisfaction

  8. Multiple Years Of Expertise

  9. Individual Team For Your Project


1434 La Brea ave, Los Angeles Ca 90019


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